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Crypto Trading with all new DigieBot

DigieBot is a proprietary system,
designed to trade completely around volume.

Fully automate your cryptocurrency trading while using our patent-pending trading patterns and algorithmic DigieBot.
Currently on Binance, coming soon to all the major exchanges!

Secure Trading

DigieBot is connected through an API link to the major exchanges, like Binance. DigieBot never handles any of your money and does NOT have access to your exchange account. You are always in complete control of your money.

Time & Sales, Order Book

Time & Sales reflects the true value (price) of the market at a given point time. The Order Book shows sitting orders and the likely intent of market participants to buy or sell at each price point.


The total number of units actually traded at a given time and price. Volume reflects the real Commitment of Traders.

What is DigieBot?

DigieBot is an automated patent-pending trading bot that will trade based on volume, time and sales (not lagging indicators), to move with the market. Automate your trading strategy and get back to living life. Minimize downtime by trading while you sleep. You'll never lose sleep when you leverage the intelligence of DigieBot.

What makes DigieBot different?

Volume Analysis

Social Sentiment

Fundamental Sentiment

Bitcoin - CRYPTO

Bitcoin - TRONBTC

Bitcoin - NEOBTC

Bitcoin - POEBTC

Discover a
decentralized DigieBot trading.

The Internet is booming and people around the world have been able to enjoy the use of many streamlined digital public services.
DigieBot allows users to trade cryptocurrencies online 24/7 with minimum human interaction!.

Manage & Securely Store Your

You will have control over the coins you trade, and where you store your digital currency. Initially you’ll have your balance in the exchange, but you can also store in a wallet of your choice. Training will be available for all DigieBot users.