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Built by Experienced Traders

Our patent-pending trading patterns & algorithmic DigieBot is built by professional
traders with over 45 years of combined trading experience

Started as a foreign currency trader in 2004, taught thousands of people to trade and was a guest speaker on the Ninja Trader platform multiple times. As a foreign currency trader Mr. Kyle developed multiple trading strategies along with automated trading indicators. It is this experience that he brings to the growing crypto currency trading markets. The development of DigieBot is the fulfillment of his desire to create a tool that could benefit both the advanced and novice traders. While he has an extensive trading background Mr. Kyle acknowledges that the only way such a massive undertaking could be accomplished was through his years of trading experience, along with the collaboration and development efforts of a phenomenal programming team lead by Mr. Abbas and his trading partner Mr. Brendan Duff.

Founder OF DIGIEBOT Doug Kyle

AS CTO, Kyle focuses on the design and development of all software that runs the company. This includes the members' experience interface (the members' back office) and the development of all software for the branding and marketing of kulaBrands and kulaBrands products. He is also a local and international educator and spokesperson for kulaBrands software and infrastructure. Outside of his work with kulaBrands, Kyle lives in the AZ area with his lovely wife Mary. He is also, an accomplished artist, avid golfer. Also Mr. Kyle was the US national Masters cycling champion in 1999. One of Mr. Kyles favorite Quotes, is from Mr. Earl Nightingale "Don't concern yourself with the money. Be of service ... build ... work ... dream ... create! Do this and you'll find there is no limit to the prosperity and abundance that will come to you."

Founder and CTO OF KULABRANDS Doug Kyle

Mudasser Abbas is a software developer with over 14 years experience across web design and development, ecommerce, crowdfunding, social community websites and plugin development. In addition to site reliability and security, he is also an expert in algorithm designs, artificial intelligence (AI) programming.

Abbas' vast experience has led him to become the Chief Executive Officer of one of the leading software development companies in Pakistan, where he has worked over 200+ businesses, and developed more than 300+ plugins and tools.

CEO VizzWebSolutions Abbas

Brendan has 20 years of trading experience, 18 of those years working in finance and technology, with a focus on process automation. He has traded stocks, futures, commodities, Forex, options, and now crypto currencies. He believes if a trading instrument moves and has volume, we can trade it. When he is not looking at charts, he enjoys watching soccer and football with his family.

Founder Brendan


Years of Development